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Live In Concert [DVD]


Recorded March 2012, at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Canada.

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Here is my PBS Television Special “Jesse Cook Live in Concert”.

We recorded this Concert in March 2012, at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Canada. It premiered on PBS in the United States later that same year. Though it was my 3rd TV Special, it was actually the first of my concerts to be broadcast throughout the US and introduced my music to a whole new audience.

This special was filmed by directed Jared Raab, and his gang at Vulture Culture Films, a talented group of very young filmmakers, barely out of film school. It really felt like their crew was half my age. But they were able to capture our live show in a way that finally translated for television audiences while satisfying my desire to have the experience feel cinematic. I cannot express enough how deeply thankful I am to all of them and in awe of what they were able to achieve.

And of course, I am forever thankful to the musicians and crew and everyone that worked so hard to make this special what it is. It was almost 10 years ago now. Seems like forever ago.

Hope you enjoy it.

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