Jesse Cook News (Special feature)

Jesse Cook’s new album, The Blue Guitar Sessions, is out Sept. 18, and it’s already hit the sweet spot with many listeners, thanks in no small part to CBC Music's exclusive preview stream of the album. The stream is down now, but of course you can get the album yourself from iTunes.

Here are just a few things listeners to our exclusive stream had to say:

KayeIris: “You had me at the first 5 or 6 chords and I was in love by time the first track ended. Dinner waited downstairs so I could listen to all and then I hit replay. Oh my!”

ybg: “Continuing to grow is the mark of a musician who has a grasp of what he wants in his music. A hint of Wiel, a dash of Grappelli and Django, and a wisp of melodies not often heard. Good on ya Jesse.”

And good on ya Jesse Cook for sharing this shuffle playlist with us. He put his MP3 device on shuffle, and told us about the first five songs that popped up.

1. “People Like Me”


“It was the lyrics to this song/rap which made me re-evaluate K'naan, moving him from 'extremely talented' to 'brilliant.'”

2. “Ain't No Rest For the Wicked”
Cage the Elephant

“Love the way this song starts out small and groovy, but then gets bigger and bigger.”

3. “A Whiter Shade of Pale”
Procol Harum

“This song hooked me as a kid, I still love it, although I have no idea what he is singing about.”

4. “Taurina”

“Just saw Duquende this spring at Koerner Hall. He had the great Jerez guitarist Diego de Morao with him.”

5. “Redemption Song”
Bob Marley

“Bob Marley is one of those artists. Every song he recorded was perfect. Nothing false, nothing extraneous. And his recordings still sound great, even by today's standards.”


– Li Robbins